My brother, Ben, came to visit us (from Alabama) for a few days before we all head up to St. Louis to spend spring break with the rest of our family. I has been so nice having him here. The girls are completely smitten!


Since it was warm outside we took him up to our favorite park for supper.


Mae taught him how to throw rocks over the cliff. Her skills cannot be beat. He tried his best, though.


We packed the girls Nutella & banana sandwiches + Craisins, instead of what we were eating, since we knew they wouldn’t want to wait. They also had most of Uncle Ben’s baked beans later.


She likes to eat all food front first.


Best buds.

“Mama who?” is the vibe I get around these two.


Ben also helped Penelope use a sling shot. She had trouble keeping the rock in it, but ended up being very good.


Could she be any cuter?? Her favorite game was throwing rocks down the hill. They always went directly to the left of her. We learned to get out of the way pretty quickly.


Bean thief. Okay, ‘all of your food thief.’ She soon learned Ben was an easy target.


Rae counts. Mae hides. 🙂

Ben played a few rounds of hide and seek with the girls while we packed up the dishes and hammock. They really enjoyed being able to roam without having to hold an adults hand (because of our secluded spot.).

The guys also did some archery at our house, and we made milkshakes and played games until we finally folded and called it a night.