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It rained all weekend here. Naturally, I fought the urge to crawl in bed and sleep away my days. We managed to work all weekend and make head way in quite a few projects, and deep cleaned (most of) the house.

^  She is drawing Mommy and Daddy hugging & Mae and Rae hugging. 🙂 She is getting so good at drawing!!

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This lady ^ ^ ^ made mac and cheese with hotdogs start to finish all by herself!!! I’m so proud of her! I didn’t even supervise, in fact I wasn’t even in the room.

We also made apple fritters from scratch, and ended the weekend with some pizza that involved a new crust recipe.


There is evidence of on going projects all around the house. Someday we may just finish one!

Zack is putting a cedar tree in the new coop for the hens to perch on! Right now it is nearly the size of our porch. He’s so creative. We sat on the porch during a downpour of rain and pealed of some bark. Well, I watched Zack from the comfort of the porch swing while he peeled some bark off of the tree. Moral support. 🙂



Beautiful Mae,

Your smile is as bright as a summer sun and your soul is as warm as a spring breeze.

You long to see the moon each night, yet are sad when the sun goes down. You see beauty in all things. Beauty I often over look.

You remind me to slow down and observe. You remind me to return to my younger days when I would sit and observe the world in silence. You are such a blessing to 27 year old me.

Mamas are here to guide their children through life, but you are guiding me to a much richer life. One that wandered down a different path when I wasn’t looking. I should never become too busy that I don’t have time to grab a cup of tea, plop down in a rocker, and listen as the wind blows across the tree tops.

I love you. I need you. I want you. I adore you.



In my typical fashion, I abandoned laundry (but did the dishes!) and took the girls out. This time it was for location scouting, but I ended up just taking [a million] photos of my girls enjoying themselves on the trails.


Miss independent. In her own little big world.


Last Saturday the girls and I took and day trip to get the girls summer clothes (and of course accessories!!). We picked up my mom and made it even more fun of an outing! Mae chose dresses over shorts, and I am LOVING the choices we made!


She saw a “money.” By that I’m sure she meant a large bird. 🙂


Oh! The hand holding…


At trial number two we had a picnic! We started out at the picnic table, but the wind picked up and we polished lunch off in the back of the van.


We had a little shoot on the railroad tracks, and Mae scored a rock on her way back to the car. Rae did a face plant, and scraped her arms and hands pretty bad, so we cut our trip short. Well, we were 2+ hours into our outing, but only walked one of the three trails we intended to.

No doubt on the next sunny day we’ll finish those trails! I’m so grateful I can stay home with these beauties!!



This morning the girls and I rushed to eat breakfast, get dressed, and drag ourselves out the door. Why? I’m not sure. Maybe we just really felt the need to be outside.


We stopped by a cemetery in the park that was used in the mid-late 1800s. Mae wanted to stay all day. She said it was pretty and she liked it there. When Rae asked to get her blanket out of the car, we decided to find a new spot to walk around.


^  stick trumpet  ^

We drove up to our favorite path by the river, and took our sweet time.


Rae sat down as slowly as she could, looked around and then laughed as hard as she could. I’m still not sure why she did it – or why she thought it was so funny, but it put a big smile on my face!


This girl and her blanket…yeesh.

I wonder if she’ll always have a love for blankets.


There was no shortage of mud puddles! Hooray for rain boots!!


“What do you think those are, Mae?”


“…maybe chocolate.”


Dead snake. Is this right up there with taking photos of your food?


Before we headed back to the car, we played a game of tag. 🙂

We also had a picnic of tomatoes (whole tomatoes eaten like apples!), one cookie split in two, and some popcorn. All in all, we spent over two hours walking around. Couldn’t ask for a better morning.

I think we’ll head back later today with Rosie and Mae’s bike!



This week has been so fun, refreshing, and calming for me. The weather probably had a big part to do with it. Thunderstorms, warm weather, big breezes, and plenty of sunshine made spring cleaning and outings with the girls seem a fresh kind of special.


In my failed attempts at keeping things in one place for more than a month, I shifted things around a bit and put a hammock in our front room. It begs us to relax. A hammock, a warm breeze flowing through the window, and the music from the wind chime makes its own kind of magic.

DSC_0029jDSC_0012 (2)jDSC_0016jDSC_0020j

Over the weekend Zack and I cleared and burned the final half of our woods. It only took eight and a half hours! (That’s a legit ‘only.’ We thought it might take two days.) Zack took Mae out on Wednesday to help cut some baby trees that over looked. She is such a strong beautiful lady. I cannot wait to see what the Lord does with the gifts He has given her. She’d make a great lumberjack!

DSC_0004 (2)jDSC_0009 (2)j

Today, we had a few sunny spots between storms, and couldn’t bear the thought of being stuck indoors. We went around the yard to see what new flowers and other treasures had sprung up over night.

We found some cantaloupe vines growing in our garden box, tulips and buttercups!

DSC_0014 (2)jDSC_0028 (2)jDSC_0030 (2)j

One girl’s outhouse is another girl’s castle.

I love my princesses.


Evidence. I am always happy to spot deer. Fallen antlers is a special and much appreciated surprise.

Have I mentioned I adore where we live?


Spring is here in full force, and we’re going to enjoy 100 percent of what it has to offer!!!



Our week has been the right blend of warm sunny days and days filled with thunderstorms. When the sun is out, we are out! Wednesday we noticed flowers gad finally bloomed throughout the yard. Naturally, we had to go explore and collect!


No flower is too small to pass over!


I just adore how intently Rae is listening to Mae.


Once the loot was sorted through and enjoyed for a second time, Mae wanted to see them float. 🙂


Mae’s shorts got a bit wet…

“Mia, you should try that, its like you peed your pants!”

The outburst of laugher could be heard for miles, I’m sure. –and Rae doesn’t even know what ‘peed your pants’ means.


They polished off some ice cream with fruit before nap time. I am SO excited for this spring!!!

Today my parents are coming over to watch the girls while Zack and I get some much needed yard work done! I’m considering a vacation! Happy Easter!



Zack, Megahn, and my brothers had food poisoning or a stomach flu the day we went to my uncle’s house, but the rest of us spent the evening there. I could’ve spent a whole week there, but we had to make due with an afternoon.


Ten minutes after I arrived with the girls, Rae fell down the stairs. I took her to the E.R. for a couple of hours, and came home with a baby girl with a sprained wrist in a sling. She would only go to Aunt Bonnie or Mama (not even Grandpa, who is usually the favorite!). Last night she finally snuggled with Zack. Made his week for sure!


Mae wanted to spend the whole evening in cage playing with the dog toys. Silly girl.


The night was topped off with target practice after a delicious supper!



Rae has been really interested in penguins lately. This may have been her favorite stop in the entire zoo. Mae liked how loud and wiggly they were. 🙂


Chillin’ by the Chimps.


A few of the animals put on quite a show! The Sea Lions were doing tricks without a trainer, the Jaguar was the only cat not sleeping, the Camels were, well…gross, but lively,  and ^ these fellas ^ were fighting a pretty good fight!


Grandpa held Solomon, so Mae was able to ride in Uncle Joes back-pack / carrier.

Time. Of. Her. Life.


^  Having a conversation, I believe about lady elephants.  ^

I’m so glad we decided to head over to the zoo! The kids had a great time – all 6 of ‘em!