All week I have been so sleepy and a rather boring mama. On occasion I am okay with giving myself a lazy day (or three…), but I don’t want to make a habit of it. Its not fair to the girls (although they don’t complain when mama feels not so great).

Anywaaaaaaay, its Friday and perfect outside. We shoveled oatmeal into our faces, threw clothes on our backs, and fled from the house this morning with no plan in mind.


Penelope earned $1.25 for taking a carton of eggs to the neighbors yesterday, so our first order of business was to buy some bread and hunt down some geese. Geese in this town seemed to be unsure of our intentions, and acted as though our bread was poisoned. We eventually gave away the entire bag of bread, and the girls were thrilled about the whole activity! On our way back to the car, they stopped to play at a playground.

We walked over to the library and scored a bunch of books. I had every intention of attending Friday story time, but of course the day I remember what time it starts they stop in for the summer. Boo.


We cheered right on up when Zack told us he was on his lunch break! I had peanut butter and apples already in the car (never know when a picnic opportunity will present itself!) so we drove right on over to the school. Ping pong and conversation! Whooo!


We were on our way home for nap time when I decided to pass our house right on by. Three quarters were stilling in the van’s change tray and we couldn’t let them sit unused any longer! Fish need to be fed. 🙂


We used Daddy’s hat as the fish food holder…he won’t mind…


Mae enjoys finding the number posts. On our way our of the park she told me she was sad that she didn’t find them all. She was too busy having fun, poor thing.


We stopped into one of the museums in the park. We often over look them, but someone had to go potty. Mae literally jumped for joy when she found ^ ^ this ^ ^ rock collection. No joke.


On our way out of the museum, a lady working the front desk told us about a tree people take photos on. Three years and I never once noticed it! The girls were all too happy to humor me.

Spontaneous days always seem to be the most fun for us. Thankfully this one didn’t disappoint!