I have had enough of fevers, chest coughs, snot, and swollen baby gums (and the inside of my house, if I’m being totally honest). We needed a break from sanitizing and nose wiping Monday afternoon, so we took a trip to the beach.

The blue towel is water, and the white is sand, and that is good enough for them!


Supplies: :

Nutella toast, water and lots of icebergs (ice cubes).

A ballerina one piece, a surf ready two piece, enough sunglasses to go around and plenty of sunscreen.

Towels for lounging (or swimming on), iPad for music, and magazines for browsing.


She reads magazines back to front like her momma before her and her momma’s mom before her.


We played games with bowls and cups full of water, paired with an endless supply of icebergs. Mae created all of the games – my favorite had to be, Splash Goes the Winner!  – in which you splash your ice cube into the bowl of water. You’d think, well then does everyone win?  You’d think, but Rae ate her ice cubes, so she didn’t qualify.

We are in our element during these warm sunny days!