Rain. That word could sum up our last few weeks, but I’ll try to expand a bit better.

Also, ^ that little lady is the sweetest!  ^

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Mae made us lunch this afternoon. While she was fixin’ it up, Rae and I went on a flower hunt make the table pretty. A storm was threatening all day, so we had an indoor picnic just in case.


We’ve been babysitting a couple boys every once in a while for some friends. The girls are such good helpers. Mae picked out some Legos at the store as a treat for helping me out so much. Boys are a lot tougher than girls, in my experience, so it was well deserved!


Our power went out last night, so, naturally – shadow puppets and bath-by-lantern!

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Before nap time we went for a stroll, made flower crowns, and picked daisies. Mae has always said her favorite flower is a daisy, but I think this was her first time actually seeing one.