We had a very productive weekend, despite neglecting our big projects. ^ We even fit in fifty or so belly rubs for sweet Rosie.


We started the weekend plant shopping. We loaded our car up with all kinds of beauties. I’m someone who wants the inside to look as much like the outside as possible.We have enough for the inside, porch and  deck. Friday night was better than Christmas for me!


We killed our first two chickens. They were our two biggest, and the bullies of the bunch. They were destroying (and in some cases, killing) our other hens. Hopefully now, the other hens can flourish, and live a happy, stress free life.

We may also have a rooster in the mix. We don’t want a rooster, so if we do keep him, he may have to roam free from the ladies. We don’t want our chicken population to get out of hand. We may end up giving him away (unless his papa is already attached…he has his daddy’s appreciation for all things birds).


^  Rae tried to steal Daddy’s broom. She’s kind of a job thief.  ^

Mae was a mama’s girl big time!  I am blessed with two snuggle bugs, and Miss Mae delivered big time this weekend.


The girls found some canvas boxes and had races & train rides for days.


Every year we find new plants popping up around the yard. ^  This bush is one of them. We also have several patches of pink flowers, and some orange wild flowers (so far).


Rosie has been getting a lot of time with us, and even gets to come in for a bit most days. She lays just like ^ this ^  in the kitchen the whole time. I guess she just likes being closer to us…or she likes the cold floor.


We also went grocery shopping!!! Since we cook three full meals from as-close-to-scratch as we can, we run short of stuff quicker than we’d like. Noodles, rice, and beans are pretty much the only things we get that keep a while.

Zack has four and half days left of school! By lunch time Friday we plan to be celebrating by camping and enjoying the river! The rain can stay away for a day or two, right? It hasn’t shown any evidence that it is capable of staying away, but if it does, we’ll be camping!

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