Monday evening we made our first trip of 2015 to the river!

I took some stuff out to the car, and saw ^  this  ^ adorable scene on my way back to the house. They were eager. Sun, sand, and an endless amount of rocks = little girl paradise.


We came prepared with buckets, shovels, hats, floaties, sunscreen, sunglasses, and drinking water.


Mae found shells, and kept asking me to take pictures of them. She’s so cute.


Zack came along, and we stayed until his fair skin could no longer bare the sun. I think Rae may have inherited fair skin, poor thing. She doesn’t get burned but she does get very red. I guess from overheating? I’m not sure, but one of these days Mae and I are going to sneak out and spend the whole day at the river just the two of us!

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