We’ve still been receiving rain everyday. Trying our best not to let it damper our excitement for the summer. We’ve been keeping busy and trying to keep the thrill of summer vacation going. Zack and I are itching for a road trip / the beach / being anywhere but here. We’re holding off because this is the year we’re finally going to paint the house. However, mud brown isn’t soooo bad, when we could use that money for gas and have a great experience. (Zack is going to read this and roll his eyes, I just know it. I’ve complained about our house color since we bought the place. Women.)


Big girl in a baby seat. Its as silly as it gets. Oh, the belly laughs that tagged along for this ride were too good to be true. I am LOVING this stage in her life, but also equally glad Zack will be along to help me with ‘roller coaster Rae.’


^  Penguin playing card and mug rug sandwiches make for a good snack!  ^

This girl. Her imagination, creativity, love for others, her willingness to help with things both big and small, and enthusiasm for each day and each activity fills my heart to the brim. I’m not sure she could get  any sweeter. She is getting really good at illustration! I’ve let her upgrade to using Sharpies, and she gets independent craft time when Rae naps. I’m always amazed at what she comes up with.


We buried a chipmunk the other day. The girls got a little carried away putting up grave markers. They wanted to make sure we could find it.

DSC_0012 DSC_0024

Our cucumbers and green beans have already sprouted!


The girls wake up e a r l y.  I use to be good at getting up early. What happened? Anyway, Nutella pancakes – a great idea!