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“Snuggle you?”

The magic words that greeted me this morning as I contemplated the pros and cons of getting out of bed vs. diving deeper into the comfortable stack of blankets keeping me warm. Just what I needed to hear. Few things in life give me as much joy as snuggling with you (although I don’t say “YES!!” as often as I’d like to.).

You received the gold metal in hugging a few weeks ago when you added a tackle element to your bear hugs. You really go the extra mile in all areas of your life. Its inspiring, Babe. Keep it up.

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You are speaking well so now. You still talk a bit like a cave man (“Me. like. you. dress.”), but you have moved swiftly into caveman run-on sentences. I enjoy watching  you figure out the correct way to organize your words. You manage to take your time and rush in the same moment. I’d like this stage to drag on a bit longer, but I’m sure you don’t find it as adorable as I do.

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You have your own sense of style. It is feminine, sparkly, bright, and flowy.

You do anything your sister does. The moment we drop Mae off at school you sadly whisper, “Miss. Mees.”, which translates to, “I miss Mae.” My heart melts every time.

Your favorite princesses are Pocahontas, and Merida.

You say your favorite movie involves one of the above, but if I ask you what you want to watch, 9 times out of 10 its Song of the Sea. The 10th time you choose Paddington. Thankfully you seemed to have reached your limit on Pocahontas and Brave.

You are really interested in clocks, shoes, and drawing on yourself with markers.

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You find fun everywhere you go. Its a contagious trait, beautiful girl. You are the embodiment of sunshine!

We love you dearly sweet sweet Rae.



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