Occasionally Mae skips naps, but over the weekend we decided to stop them all together. She is, for once in her life cranky at some point during the day. I’m not thrilled about this, but she is sleeping a teensy bit better a night. We’ll see how it goes…


Rae: “I swimming!” giggle giggle giggle.

We have a fisher price nativity, and this year the girls have added some characters to the scene.

DSC_0063br DSC_0067br

“Look, Olaf is praying for God!” giggle giggle giggle.

(She gets “to” and “for” mixed up a lot when she talks.)


A few of the other guests include iron man (red and silver), several ponies and horses, Linus, Elsa, Anna, a dinosaur, and some hotwheels.

DSC_0060b image (8)

Zack built the girls a tree fort a few weeks ago, and it is still holding strong!

image (10) image (9)

We took the girls to a Penelope’s restaurant a couple weeks ago when my mom (also a Penelope) came to visit.

image (7) image (6)

Mae was in the Christmas play at church. She was Townsperson Number One (The finest of the characters!). She did SO GOOD! Way braver than I ever was!

image (2) DSC_0099b

The girls have become even closer friends over the past month. I’m not sure what is causing their bond to grow so suddenly, but I am adoring watching them together even more than before (something I didn’t know was possible). They are always together, always talking about the cutest things, and constantly hugging and enjoying each others company. Of course Mae plays the roll of Mama Bear, and she does a fabulous job, so I’m not interfering.

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