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Zack and I had fevers all weekend and Zack’s continued until Tuesday, aaaaand we let the girls run wild with a new found independence. Needless to say, our home looked like the last half hour of Jumanji come Tuesday morning.


…on to the good stuff…

Like this little hood rat and her fancy new mod hair cut. And maybe how she feels decked to the nines in this three-sizes-to-big maxi gown, yet poses in such a manner to imply that I forced all that glamour upon her.

DSC_0068_edited_editedDSC_0060_edited DSC_0053_edited DSC_0044_edited

Ah, Missouri.

[This spiel, might need to include the entire country, but since I don’t watch news, I’ll stick to what I know.]

Snow. Rain. Temperatures just warm enough to wear either shorts OR a t-shirt. Snow. Rain. Rain. Rain. Snow. Sweat inducing heat. Snow.

People complain a lot about such things, as if one type of weather is better than the other, but I for one and glad for some variety. Maybe its because I don’t take the time to store away seasonal clothes, and I can dress for any of the four seasons (ALL of which we have experienced in the past two weeks!) at a moments notice. (OK. OKAAAAAY. I wear the same two pairs of jeans and t-shirts all year round, despite my closet telling a very different story.)

All that to say – we’ve had snow three times in the past so many weeks, and its just enough for Penelope to get her fix. Phew. I made that harder than it needed to be.

DSC_0079_editedimageimage (1)image (2)

Saturday (before we started feeling crummy), we took the girls to the zoo to enjoy the 80 degree weather. You’ll notice I married a ginger, so read as far into that word “enjoy” as you feel appropriate.

The girls borrowed my phone on the way to St. Louis, and took the most adorable photos of each other.

After the zoo, we stopped by Zack’s Target equivalent, Blick. – and he walked out with NOTHING. Maybe Target was too strong of a comparison?

iphooone (1)DSC_0074_edited_edied DSC_0070_edited DSC_0068_edited

^ Their garage. ^


Anna was having one of those days.

DSC_0061_edited DSC_0054_edited DSC_0046_edited_EDITED DSC_0035_edited DSC_0034_edited DSC_0033_edited DSC_0028_edited DSC_0020_edited DSC_0017_edited DSC_0009_edited

We spent all three warm days outside last week.

I managed to clean out the chicken’s room, and the garage, and had a day left over to just BE. The chickens also spent everyday outside, and boy were they happy!

image (3)

Usually we save CHiPs for summer viewing, but the girls have been requesting it in our down time.

image (4)

Today the girls started learning about snow (Freezing, melting, evaporating, and condensing.) We still have a couple days to go with it, but our snowman has melted and is now working on evaporating. They also enjoyed eating some snow. After this photo was taken we added fresh blueberry juice to it. A very natural snow cone! 🙂

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