Documenting the girls’ lives is so important to me – like top 5 favorite things. I’ve noticed my posts have become few and far between over the last year, which led to the decision to get back into photography in full force. I’d hate for me to miss out on really experiencing moments when I could just grab the camera, hunker down and focus on the the girls. Their joy, their mischief, their quiet consentration.

(Sure, I could sit down without the camera, but that would be neglecting my passion for photography, and I notice details better through the lens – like Rae’s one leftover pigtail in the photo above).


We usually only bring out syrup and butter for waffles when company is over (fruit, Nutella, and peanut butter are our go-tos, since sugar makes Mae sick). If you can’t tell, Mae thoroughly enjoys syrup. Rae? Well, she’s just dipping her fingers in it and licking it off. Her waffles were left untouched, and she asked for eggs…


^ Rae sitting down, flipping through a book that isn’t Star Wars related, and not a single page ripped?? Its in my book.

Lets hope I don’t fall off the wagon again!