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(Naturally, we had to include a nature walk!)

This year Rae is starting kindergarten ‘curriculum’ just as Mae did at her age, and Mae is doing 1st and 2nd, depending on the subject.

We’re to the point with Mae of reading a chapter book a day! I’m having to pace myself. We have a read a book, buy a book system so the cost can add up quick. Its worth the money, obviously, or we wouldn’t have the reward system. We’ve just started the Magic Tree House series. I love her attention to detail, and the questions she comes up with as we read. (We’ve read some Ivy and Bean books, Kylie Jean – which she loves – and we started with classics when she was three)

Rae is incredible with numbers. Really, anything to do with math.
She d r e a d s writing, but picked it up quick and completes her work in 5 minutes no matter how much a give her. I think she just doesn’t see the point in yet, so it bores her. I’ve started to only do writing with Rae once a week, and math with Mae once a week.

Mae still finds maps, American history, the Bible, and world cultures interesting.
Rae enjoys learning about the Bible, world cultures, animals / /nature.

We’re almost 2 months into this school year, and so far it’s a great one!

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