Rae chillin’ by the pool, during our small group session Sunday night.


I got to see two of my siblings, “The Twins,” this past week!

My sister and I at our cousin Andy’s wedding.

I feel quite tall until I get around my relatives. You’ll notice my sister crouching down as if posing with a child. (Mind you, I’m 5′ 10″). Nevertheless, I’m glad they’re all far far away now! Ha!


Flannel graphs! Who knew? Not I.

The girls have been coming up with great stories to go along with the images. They are from Zack’s Grandma Dee and her mom, Great-grandma Shelley.


We’re one step further in the porch process.

chitchat-4 chitchat-7 chitchat-8

Mooooore nature related art – because we just can’t help ourselves.


I had a couple days off from babysitting this week, so the girls and I spent nearly two entire days at one park or another. Above is Rae and Batman enjoying each others company while Mae was at school. She spent just about the entire hour playing quietly with Batman and the rocks.

At one point she was burying Batman in a mound of rocks. A leaf elegantly fell on top of her pile. She immediately responded with a, “Not you, Fella!” and tossed it to the side.

She’s a real treat.

river01 berries leaves-2

I had to grab a $5 pair of KEDS over the weekend, since I only packed blister-producing shoes. Like a doof. My Dad commented, “Wow! Those are white white white!!” You can see me coming a mile away in these bad boys.

mae mae-2 growth-03 steps

“secret steps”

chitchat-02 chitchat01

Little girls, face paint, and chit chat.


Rae and I were minding our own business, takin’ a photo – I know, very out of character – when a nosy vampire struck us down with the dreaded blood lust.


We took a picnic out to the look out one of those days. Mae packed plenty ham.

(This is six of close to 40 different faces she made!!!)

1474920395116 1474920414048

Mae has always had a deep curiosity / interest in graveyards, headstones, and really anything regarding life and death. From the time she began talking, she has asked to visit cemeteries. Occasionally we will get flowers and set them on forgotten graves. Her favorite cemetery is the one in “our” park – which holds those who used to live and work at the iron mill (and their families). The other day, Mae discovered a graved marked, “Joseph, July 1862 – September 1862” and could not leave without spending time there, and laying flowers. We brought him and his family flowers again the next day.


Penelope calls me Queen of Cats. They better get their act together and start showing her some love.

They are still doing great, though. George got closed between the window and the screen last night. All night. Poor guy. He ran to the litter box as soon as he received his sweet sweet freedom. Most kittens would have gone in the window…or at least that’s what I’ve been telling myself.

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