Ah, Rae.

Where do I start?

The beginning, I guess.

When you were just an infant, your Great-grandma Dee made a remark – “She’s a party waiting to happen!” – that sentence sums you up to this very day.

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You adore your sister more than anything. You care about her opinion above others’ and often call her “My best fwiend” in place of her real name. You still miss her the moment she leaves the room, but find it hard to share your snacks with her.

We’ve been preparing you mentally for the day when you must give up the beloved blankets (3 of them!!) you sleep with each night. Tonight is that night and though you seem calm about it now, I’m pretty sure a fit of rage and despair will occur moments after the lights go out.

You’re beginning to learn about fairness. Although, I guess its more like you’re finally acknowledging words are indeed coming out of our mouths when the topic of fairness arises. You’ll get there. Hopefully.

Your sense of humor is building quite nicely. While Penelope inherited Daddy’s effortless sense of humor, you’ve inherited mine. Subtle and sneaky.

Both your laugh and your smile are infectious. Your laughs come straight from your belly, just like your Daddy, and your grin stretches from ear to ear. Its the best.

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Your main topic to discuss in your fourth year has been Star Wars.

Your favorite characters are Stormtroopers (Your most talked about character), Darth Vader, Chewbacca, C3PO, and of course, Luke Skywalker.

Your favorite movie is Episode V, and you even wanted to be “Luke in the black outfit” for Halloween, but I couldn’t find one. Though you definitely belong on the dark side (Your favorite song is, after all, the Imperial March), I’m glad you managed to crush on the good hearted hero.

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Your fifth year is going to be incredible. It’ll be the greatest party yet!