I’ve let the blog go, once again, and now I’m playing catch up just before we begin our Christmas shtuff.

So, first things first, Penelope became a Christian last Sunday (December 4th, 2016 at 9:30 a.m. -TMI?) snuggled up on the couch with Zack and I, just after our morning devotional.

She is actually the same age Zack was when he became a Christian, and he too was at home with his momma.

She made her first (all of our first) pineapple upside down cake to celebrate the glorious occasion!

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A day of homeschooling back before Thanksgiving, documented with the intension of it being its own post. Some days are more full than others – this happened to be a full morning.

The girls did some holiday themed vocabulary, building (they could build all day) while I prepared a lesson, a lesson on music notes (via Khan Academy, which we use A LOT for all sorts of topics), an unfiltered lecture on the “why” of Thanksgiving and a painting to go along with it.

By the looks of that first photo, we also did some crocheting, ABC practice for Rae, and 10 minute math for Mae.


We spent Thanksgiving afternoon at Zack’s Aunt Teresa’s house (she’s in the back there, smooching on Gage). It was certainly an evening well spent!

We usually visit my family in Alabama of head up to my mother-in-law’s in St. Louis. It was nice to just drive up the road this year! Zack didn’t even bother brushing his hair! Ha! HE FANCY.


Observing their shadows.

Mae is  o b s e s s e d with how long her legs are.

Just wait little one. Someday skirts will fit you like a belt, and finding pants to cover your ankles will be impossible.

Her stilts are also covered in very blonde (nearly invisible) peach fuzz, which is so v. v. appealing. She thinks she is  m o m e n t s  away from the days of shaving her legs. She’ll have blonde hair foreva and never have to shave her legs (poor poor child), but will anyway, because its cool?

She thinks growing old is awesome, and I’m not about to spoil it for her.

Anyone still chasing that rabbit? No? Alright, lets move on…

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Usually, if I haven’t been out of the house by the time the sun begins to set we make a point to enjoy some fresh air – even if that just means a stroll to burn some trash or swing on the porch.

A few weeks ago, the girls and I drove up to the river for a few minutes just to stretch our legs. Mae found a leaf larger than my face immediately, so of course we had to photograph it from every angle.

There were deer grazing just to Mae’s left there, unbothered by us. I love where we live! Didn’t think you’d ever hear me complement Missouri, Zack? Me either, but there is it. Our town is superb.


^ One of many phone dump collages to come ^

Playing Uno by candlelight / Washing dishes / Selfie with Mr. G / Rae passed out after hours of shopping / People toes / Rae asked me to take her photo. She intentionally didn’t smile – why can’t my resting face be this attractive??/ Watching Daddy chop a truck full of wood / An bowl of brownie batter abandoned on the couch / Zack building a stand for the water tank, to make more room in the cellar for wood next to the furnace. (AND The Hobbit!!)


Rae, “making her bed.” Life is hard / Frost!!! / The girls insist on staring at the album covers on Spotify – even when it’s the entire Moana soundtrack and the image never changes / On our way to eat lunch we didn’t have to cook (rare!!). Pocahontas and Darth Vader tagged along / Mae waiting for everyone to get on their shoes. Once again, “Why can’t my resting face be this attractive??”

008 006 005 007001 003 004 002

^ Mae telling me how wonderful God’s creation is ^

A week or two ago we drove to a trail for a walk. Mae packed a picnic for everyone, and helped me push the stroller!


Mae had a tumbling camp last Sunday (same day she became a Christian). All four of us went. It was cold, damp, and windy. A forecast I’ve become very fond of (worry not, I still love blazing hot sunshine) / Rae sporting a fresh haircut, drawing an ice cream cone (Ice cream cones and whales are her favorite things to draw lately) / Our largest nest discovery to date. The girls played with it for days / A gorgeous sky. Mae often asks me to photograph the sky. My girl appreciates a good sky.

We’re giving the girls experiences instead of wrapped gifts this year. I’ll post about those as they happen – can you guess what Rae’s is??


  1. Congrats on accepting jesus in your heart PeNelly! That’s super special! And btw i too love where you live, it’s so nice (but I’m a city lady alas…) i started doing lesson plans with saya, but i still want some of your lessons!

  2. do you usually homeschool with the computer? i never did, i’ve a too traditional mind, guess i should modernize myself!
    my girl also would like to shave her legs hehehe

    1. We only use the computer for small lessons here and there. Mostly Khan Academy or to look up quick details we can’t find anywhere else. If I have to use the computer, I put that information onto paper and then explain it to them, but typically, we make a lot of trips to the library.

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