Mae has been asking for us to take her ice skating since she was three years old, and so I finally got my act together and made her dreams come true!

Since her and I have dreamed and schemed about how to make it as magical as possible for weeks, the plan was for me to take her out on the ice. On our way to the rink, however, Zack asked if he could take her. His teaching skills are unmatched, and I really don’t wish to relive the broken bum incident of 2009, so I pushed my mother-daughter bonding fantasies aside for the good of my bum and his father-daughter bonding fantasies.

We began the evening taking her out for whatever supper her heart could dream up. McDonalds “chicken” and strawberry pie. To the moon, Mae!

I reluctantly agreed. After we finished our meal, we grabbed the girls some hot chocolate and pie for the road and headed for the rink.

I’m sure her tummy was full of butterflies!

skate010 skate009 skate008

^ Look at that anticipation!!  Makes me so happy! ^

skate007 skate006 skate005

The thrill of wobbling on skates for the first time, it’s up there with wobbling in toddler heels for the first time.


The ice is in her sights!!!


Two seconds on the ice later … still enthusiastic about the outcome of the evening!!

skate002 skate001 1481418671842

HE DIDN’T FALL DOWN ONCE! Clearly he was the right choice.

Look how good she’s doing!

skaterae 1481418600150 1481418777269 1481418641748

Rae and I walked around (it was at an outside mall, and only 15ºF). She picked out her gift for Mae at the ever never annoying, Claire’s. (She chose perfectly!)

Next, we strolled back up to the rink to sit around the fire pit they had set up, but the smoke kept following Rae. I grabbed the iPad from the car, and sat down at a picnic table. Naturally in this moment she had to pee and, naturally, the bathroom was clear on the other end of the mall.

Enter, Von Maur.

I felt like Kevin McCallister as he entered the Plaza Hotel. As if they were sure to think I stole something walking into the store. But, they didn’t, and they were terrific.

Rae decided she wanted to stay in the store (who wouldn’t??) so we cautiously made our way through this Christmas wonderland of $30 socks and other various donttouchthat! items.

We went up and down (and up and down) the escalator, sat and watched the pianist as he played Christmas tunes to perfection. Then we went up the escalator, watched him from above, then back down the escalator so she could tell him, “Hi” and stare as he asked her question after question about Christmas.

By then it was time to head back to Mae. We arrived just as they were turning in their skates.

Mae was beaming! I hope she remembers that night forever.


  1. i can read my own life in here! my daughter’s willing to ice skating and we’ve promised her we’ll go this winter, oh, let’s see… and that thing about fathers, they always want to make this kind of things with their daughters! but girls plan was great too, i mean, escalator!!!!

    1. She loved every minute of ice skating, we’ll take her again and again, I’m sure! Your daughter will enjoy it too! My four old wasn’t interested in skating at all. I’m pretty sure the escalator was her favorite part of the whole night – the anticipation of “the jump” at the bottom! My husband lives for that stuff, nothing quite like watching your kids accomplish something brand new (and tough!) and still walk away beaming with joy! Very proud Momma and wife over here!!

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