My younger brother, Ben, came to visit us for four days over the holiday. Our plan was originally to meet up in Tennessee and camp, but we chickened out when the temperatures here dropped to below freezing at night.

Why we ended up congregating around our random platform, I have no idea – but four out of five kids are smiling, so its a keeper!

Their love for each other is something we should all aspire to obtain at least once in life.

My parents and my sister’s family came down New Years day (Ben’s last day), to see him for a bit.

Penelope’s one request for Ben’s visit was to go fishing with him. It didn’t work out for them to go just the two of them because…well, because we wanted to go too! It was so cold. So so cold.

Ben recently traded in his small car for a large truck, upgrading his leg room significantly (He had his seat pushed all the way back, so I had to relive my childhood and sit in the front-middle, ohiguessyoucancometoo seat. Tiny hiney for the win!)

We’re movie people. We don’t have cable, or an antenna – which is okay because we’re movie people. Ben is a movie guy. We like Ben. He got to watch some new-to-him movies while he visited – one of which was The Force Awakens. We have every word memorized. He loved it – Almost as much as the four year old beauty beside him. She still hangs on every word.

We couldn’t have asked for a better way to ring in the New Year, than spending it with my brother.

Howsabout you come on over next year, Joseph???

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