I’m grateful my girls have a life that can involve exploring and gettin’ messy, and a life that is built on spontaneity!

Look it! ^^ She’s becoming brave and not so anti-dirt!

Though she has yet to catch a fish, she is in her element when she fishes.

If I can’t have an ocean, I’ma pretend the endless wide mud puddles that surround us are the salty sea. Trading Gulls for “Merican Eagles” and hot soft white sand for cold brown rocks. I think its working.

Cup of worms, and conversation.

The wind was brutal, so we ate in the car. We had PB and honey sandwiches and general store sodas. They squealed so loud when I pulled up to the store.

My eyes rival Gollum, I know. It was the least awkward photo of the three of us.  Whaddayagannado.

Tasting each other’s beverage choices. They preferred their own.

We stopped on the way home for a walk through the woods. Definitely my favorite part of the day, Mae was the leader. Rae and I followed. We found several rabbit holes, a few deer, and no one ran into a thorn bush!

Its been so nice to get out of the house after nearly a month of colds, poison ivy, bad weather, and a handful of other obstacles.