We started learning about Ireland, the Irish people, and the who and why behind the holiday the day before Valentines Day.

We interweaved lessons between our regular academics, and I believe, after learning about space and the planets in this way as well, it will become a staple way of teaching / learning for us.

^ Patrick’s way of symbolizing the Trinity ^

We learned about Leprechauns first. I learned a lot of new things, which I did not expect.

Mae also ended St. Pat’s Day by independently building a leprechaun trap. She’s so creative!

Finn McCoul and the Giant’s Causeway. I hope we get to go someday!!

We discovered the meaning behind the flag, and what it previously looked like (Not featured here), and learned about Patrick’s interesting roller coaster of a  life.

We read, easily, twenty books, which included both chapter books and short stories.

So many crafts. Pudding cups into hats. this was a lastminute10:00thenightbeforetheholiday decision. Mom win.

We also watched several Irish movies, including re-watching two of our favorites – The Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea, which we own and watch throughout the year.

Green pancakes, how original… with baked green apples and honey on top.

It’s blurry, I know, but I meeeean-ugh!

Hands propped accordingly (I don’t pray this way, yet she has somehow learned it) Chapter books close at hand.

Rae forcing her eyes closed, because – Rae. Ha! Ants doth overflow from thy pants, sweet sweet Rae.

Mae made her first mess. Ever. It was just a non-sticky piece of pancake, but us mere mortals certainly got a bit puffed up over the incident. Rae’s face shows no sympathy. I’m sure you didn’t expect there to be.

I cooked this for supper the day of. SO GOOD! But really, sausage, cabbage, onions, and bacon can never be a bad decision in my book – together or separate. Mmmm.

SO MUCH Irish folk music ( and attempts at the modern stuff  – though we didn’t branch far from out favorites ) played throughout the month, and lots of little river dances / clogging / jigging? I have no idea what the proper thing to call it is – (The girls, btw – NOT ME! Yikes!)

Until next year, Ireland. 💚

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