We spent last Sunday-Monday camping and swimming at the shut-ins! It was our first weekend, just the four of us. No side-jobs, no obligations, and perfect not-to-hot-or-rainy weather this ENTIRE SUMMER!! We ended July brilliantly.

Penelope came up with a game called “Poker Face.”

The goal is not to keep a straight face, like you’d assume.

You have to guess what the person is feeling, based on their face. Really, Zack and I just tried making her laugh, by guessing things like gassy, itchy, or sleepy. She was actually “happy.” So simple. We should’ve known.

Go Fish on repeat. Well, Go Fish as explained by a six year old, played with a four year old.

They made their own puddles, and found plenty of excuses to wash their feet by the spigot.

Daddy treated everyone to ice cream at the campground. He’s what you’d call a “Cool dad.”

Penelope’s bedtime story was about a ghost that sneaks into tents and unravels your cloth belongings. Then, the next day, you have to find sticks and other items in nature to sew them back up. Very spooky.

The very next morning, Amelia had a thread pulled on her sock. Without skipping a beat, Penelope said, “See, I told you he always comes.”

Zack and I just about died from laughter. Kids are awesome.

We had a visitor during the night. A very disappointed visitor. Should’ve stayed for ham and eggs…

We went swimming at the shut-ins (pools of water, waterfalls, hot tubs, etc. formed by rocks overtime. Its incredibly fun.).

The girls did awesome. No one got tired or hurt. We all had a blast. So grateful we have kids we absolutely love hanging out with.