Rae started preschool yesterday! She didn’t go last year, because I didn’t think she was ready and quite frankly last school year was a hard year for me. I didn’t want to add one more thing to my life.

This year, however, she is giddy about time away from me and the idea of making friends (the only reason she even goes) is finally something she’s interested in.

She has had her bag packed for weeks now – with only the essentials, as you can see.

Mae and I had school on the bleachers by the baseball fields. We laughed SO MUCH! It was our best school day yet!

We enjoyed some cake she had made the night before. I don’t like cake, or icing, or strawberries – but I took one for her esteem.

^ So happy!! ^

Her turned up foot kills me!

She was so happy when I picked her up. I hope she grows out of her shell so much this year!


  1. it’s so important to respect their decisions! but it must be strange for them to be separated, rae at school and mae homeschooling 🙂
    and to tell you the truth, it’s also very hard to have friends outside the school-world, for us specially because it’s not very usual to homeschool in belgium, but even with that wendie doesn’t want to go to school at all.

    1. Homeschooling (and “no-schooling”) is very popular here in the states. Rae attends preschool (a very, very small preschool) just so she can make friends and get some involvement with new people. It also allows me to get one-on-one time with Mae for a couple hours a week. 🙂

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