So. If you’re keeping track this makes, two cats, one puppy, zero sheep, six hens, one outdoor NZ hare, and one giant indoor bunny.

We’ve had her only two days, and already she’s tied with my beloved, George, and our Rosie for my favorite animals of all time.

Its like watching a stuffed animal hop around!! Agh!

She’s trained to go back to her cage to do her business and snuggles. (Snuggling and not peeing on my floor are the reasons George and Rosie made the list too)

Bailey (George’s sister) is cool too, but she only snuggles with Mae. She’s at the top of her list right along side this beauty.

She has her favorite spots, but lies at our feet when we’re in the room with her.

She adores nose pets and neck rubs as much as we adore giving them.

She has free reign over the front of the house, and Buckey gets the back two rooms (which is all he had before Mrs. McGregor showed up).

She has one ear that flops and one ear that stands at attention.

As soon as we named her Mrs. McGregor, Penelope said, “She needs glasses and a nice hat!” Haha. I don’t like the idea of clothes on animals, but Mae is all about that life.

-and, yes, I noticed the cobwebs before I took the photos.

-and, no, I didn’t remove them after I took the photos.

3 Replies to “MRS. MCGREGOR”

  1. So very creative. Yes, we had a bunny once, his name was Steve, named after Zack’s Dad. He couldn’t live in the house, though. He had a nice pen in the back yard. He liked to dig under his fence but most of the time we found him before he left the yard. Steve always wanted to know what the neighbors yard was like so one day he dug under his fence and went to see what was in their yard. We weren’t able to tell Steve “good-bye” but we trust he was happy hopping through the neighborhood.

  2. that’s malicious, to call the bunny mcgregor 🙂 we sold our hens because we prefer to travel and they weren’t economically profitable, now we buy eggs in the neighborhood. and, about the bunny… he died…

    1. Haha, I asked my husband if it was wrong to name her McGregor, he just laughed. Mae said it was “fancy.” 😂 Her full name is Mrs. Beatrix McGregor. We got rid of our previously owned chickens two years ago, when we started traveling a lot. We have plenty of work and obligations keeping us here, so my husband brought home his beloved ladies. My girls will surely be sad when Mrs. McGregor dies. ☹

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