Our beloved Stevens’ traveled many many miles upon hours to see us this past weekend. We stocked our days with a balance of our favorite sights and time at our home. Simply being together was all any of us really wanted.

The girls get along so incredibly well! There wasn’t a single disagreement and no segregation among friends. Four girls and four days! Can you imagine???

Since Forest Park is our favorite, we started our first day with a trip to the St. Louis Zoo!

The girls threw pennies into the fountain and made a wish, except Vada. She specifically didn’t attach a wish to her penny. That girl beats to her own drum.

The butterfly house was full of charm and housed some of the largest butterflies we’ve ever seen. Honestly, I didn’t know butterflies could be so large.

There are some gems up there of Rae. Poor sensitive-eyed baby.

Is she eating that fence post? I dunno.

The elephants gave us a pretty great show. Lining up Papa, Momma, Baby, followed by the father giving a loud snort.

In the end, we saw five or six elephants. That’s the most we’ve ever seen at one time. Mostly rumps, but you know, beggars and choosers and whatnot.

The Ginger in his desired habitat – a dark, damp, cool cave. (and lookin’ mighty fine, I might add.)

Eisleigh and Vada don’t remember their first trip to a zoo, so they were so fun to show around! Everything was “the best!” and their smiles are full of genuine cheer.

They truly were fun every minute of every day, guys!

Rae found the Zebras! Heaven. Hah!

The hippos weren’t in full force like they usually are, but we did see one!

Stopping for a drink.

( Plenty of Rae going on in this post! It was naptime, and she was especially clingy. She’s also the youngest of the bunch and not near as independent. )

The Ginger in his less desired habitat: Smackdab in the direct path of the suns rays, smothered by humidity’s unrelenting grasp. He still manages to impress a lady in all of his discomfort! Look at that face!

The girls (and adults!) hung in there through a l l the walking! We continued our day with lunch and the apparently only-regionally-famous Arch, which I’ll post about tomorrow.

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  1. Jade thank you so much for sharing such a sweet time of friendship together! I know the Stevens family enjoyed it so much! Memories were made!
    Love y’all Teresa (Mimi)

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