Since we neglected to pack a picnic to eat after our time at the zoo, we drove over to Raising Cane’s chicken joint for some very hot, very filling chicken, before visiting the Arch. (We’d never been, so bold move on Zack’s part!)

The kids’ table. The place to be. I don’t believe the girls stopped talking long enough to eat a single bite of food. Curious, since they were d y i n g of hunger twenty minutes before.

As a result, however, we were able to eat our food without a single interruption! My last bite of food was still hot as it was consumed!!!

The twins.

These two are both seven now, the old hags.

I just noticed Mae has ketchup. Mae doesn’t even like ketchup. I guess if Eisleigh has ketchup Mae has ketchup. A subtle token of solidarity. Best. Friends. Foreverrrrr.

Nailed it.

We tried explaining the Arch best we could. We came up with “large metal sculpture you can go into…?”

Mae, so full of joy at the sight of the Arch. Completely unaware she smacked Vada in the face. Haha, poor sweet tolerant Vada.

Mae has seen the Arch a billion times before and has even traveled to the tippy top. She’s just obsessed with all things St. Louis. Loud ‘n proud.

Typically, our favorite thing about the “Arch experience,” is the great walking paths which are surrounded by gorgeous tree lines, and the shade they provide. The cobblestone walkway and large steps between the Arch and the Mississippi River are a close second.

On this trip, sadly, we weren’t able to see any of that. It was closed for construction, so we hung out at the bottom by the construction fencing.

Game after game of tag by the old courthouse was the highlight!

I’m not sure we could’ve asked for a better day to spend outside in the city!

As for the construction? Well, they didn’t even know what the Arch was upon arrival, so we didn’t have to compete with expectations. – AND!  Both men and all four children slept on the way home, while Cendi and I talked about everything under the sun without interruption.

Thanks for being so easy going and comfortably agreeing to go where the wind took us that day, Jonathan and Cendi!

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