You tried desperately to explain the concepts of today tomorrow and yesterday to your sister this morning. It went something like this,

“Tomorrow is the day after today.”

“Is tomorrow this night?”

“No. Today is right now and tomorrow is the day after this one.”

“What? Do I get to go to preschool today or not?”

Then, Momma snapped the photo above.

I sympathize, dear. I’m still trying to get just one of you to understand the timings of breakfast, lunch, and supper… (Spoiler alert, they are not interchangeable.)

3 Replies to “DEAR MAE”

  1. lol! we don’t have work (man’s handicaped -not like eh i’m stupid but because he’s fibromialgya and had an accident at work-) so there’s no timing at home and wendie doesn’t make the difference of days ­čÖé

    1. Yes! I often have no idea what day of the week it is, haha. So sorry he can’t work right now. I have fibromyalgia too. It’s certainly no fun.

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