I don’t find most holidays fun. My parents didn’t celebrate anything – except Christmas when we were little – and elementary school doing the repeated bare minimum really burnt me out over the years.

Since having kids – and in particular, a kid who goes hog wild for even the slightest whisper of Boxing Day – I’ve really stretched out my tolerance and dug deep to make every holiday magical, no matter how minor. Except for Boxing Day. We’re not even a little Canadian…

Last year we studied up on every holiday for weeks. In the case of St. Patrick’s Day, we studied it for E L E V E N weeks. It was my favorite study of the year!

This year, well…Mae wore the same too-small green dress two days in a row (so she was sure not to forget to wear green when the actual day arrived.), and she chose [above] spinach noodles and breadsticks for a holiday-related meal – which we ate nearly a week before the holiday. We didn’t even scribble a measly clover.

On the actual holiday, we were supposed to go to a Rogers’ reunion, but it was canceled. We spent the day in St. Charles (and St. Louis) anyway. Zack bought some stained glass for his classes at work while the girls and I walked the cobblestone streets listening to quartets belt out Irish folk songs, took note of each building (they’re so cool!) and took in the smells of cabbage and beer flowing from the many bars that call this particular street home.

It was freezing, so we didn’t bother walking the extra steps over to the riverfront (which is just behind them in the photos above.)

When Zack was done, we drove into the city to browse IKEA. We snagged some dollar hotdogs and the girls sat on every stationary item in the store.

We celebrated St. Pat’s the following Monday.

Zack and I tried corn beef for the first time and served it alongside smashed potatoes and homemade bread. And, I have to ask – why isn’t all beef ‘corned’???? – It was SO GOOD!!

We watched Secret of Kells while we ate. It was such a nice calm comforting evening. Worth the wait.