Yesterday, before leaving the city, I took the girl our for a post-breakfast treat at the London Tea Room! We followed up our treat by taking Buckey for a walk through a neighboring park.

The Tea Room was so great. I can’t recommend it enough. We just went for a cafe’ experience, but I’d like to bring the girls back for a proper tea time – probably with some of their friends.

We shared a black breakfast tea (next time I’m sure we’ll be more adventurous). Rae chose a slice of blueberry lemon cake, Mae chose a coconut¬†macaroon (the English kind not the French sandwich type) with a plain croissant, and I chose a spinach ricotta croissant. The food was all so incredible!!

The workers were all so wonderful as well.

The park was only a block walk from the Tea Room. It was beautifully landscaped.¬†I believe this will become a regular destination for us on special occasions! On this particular day, the weather was overcast, breezy and occasionally rainy, which made us wish Zack was with us. He’ll have to join us here someday, too!

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  1. I would love to go to the tea room with you. Then we could go home and make a tea and invite your Grandma, Shari, to join us. We had a tea party/wedding party here for the wedding of Megan and Harry on Saturday. It was fun to see her turn into a real princess.

    1. That sounds so fun! We’re taking Shari there next weekend! You’re welcome to shimmy on over and join us!

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