Welp. Zack starts work at the school today and I start babysitting again, which means, summer is officially over as far as the Rogers are concerned. We are ready. I’m so excited to have my boy and his baby brother around again and I’m very excited to get into the swing of a new school year with the girls.

We still had some things to do before work began again, projects we wanted to get done before the never-ceasing schedules of fall consume us. Yesterday, our last day, we took a break and spent a few hours away from all the responsibility and took the girls fishing!

The girls started school yesterday, so when we arrived at the river, I took the girls’ first day back to school photos.

We’ve fished a lot over the years, but the girls have never caught anything. I blame the locations we chose. Zack’s location was perfect! The girls each caught their first fish…and their second and their third!

We ended the evening with supper at a new pizza place. It was the greatest pizza I’ve ever eaten! Ever.

Zack painted that picture on the wall above the girls. I’m so glad I got to witness the look on their faces when I told them their daddy painted it. It was gold. He’s doing another one there soon but I hope we’re able to eat there again before that happens.

August duties are piling up with every passing second. I’m so glad we took one last chance to relax, just the four of us. We’ve got another mini family getaway planned before Zack’s students are due back – hope we don’t chicken out and fill that time plastering walls or mowing the lawn…