Oh, Miss Mae…

This post has been in draft mode for quite some time. I can’t quite think of how to put all of the things I feel into the right words.

SO! This letter will be a list. A list of some things about you that I’m so very grateful for…

Let’s begin with your unwavering commitment to snuggling. I could not be more proud. You press your head over my heart, wrap your arms around to my back and tuck your knees up to your chest making it so they lie on mine. Then, you stay put for many many minutes. It’s terrific.

Whats more, you kiss me with quite the confident pucker and you dig hand-holding just as much as I do.

You are always up for anything – a trip, an activity, folding laundry, changing A’s diapers, legit tea parties, helping with construction projects, cooking when I’m drowning in responsibility or simply not feeling well, or curling up on the couch with me just so we can sit still next to one another with no agenda (the best!).

You tell me all of your hopes and dreams the moment they spark into existence. (also the best!)

You let me stare at your face as long as I want, whenever I want.

You’re the funniest human I know. Like, the quickest wit expressed with clever adult word-age. Words very unlike the word word-age.

You still refer to people as humans. Every time. Not to be funny, simply to be specific.

You are curious. I know that is a typical characteristic of a child – but you seem to excel at curiosity. You want to know everything about everything. I’m very grateful I’m in a position to take the time to figure out the answers to the universe with you.

You are still gentle – unless a certain joke requires you to be boisterous. Anything for a laugh.

Along those lines – you fully commit to a joke and believe there is never a wrong time to be hilarious. You’ve never had a comment fall short of brilliant. Ever.

You’re an incredible artist – dancing, drawing, and acting. Like your daddy, you can put on a performance at a moments notice. I love that about him and love that I see that part of him in you.

You strive to verbalize foreign accents perfectly, once again, like your daddy does.

You are never short of compliments. You constantly tell us kind, uplifting things about ourselves and make us feel not only loved but noticed.

I can’t believe I get be your momma. I get you. You are so bright and fill us all with an untamable joy.

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