It has been so fun having the boys around this semester! Occasionally trying sometimes as I try and juggle the needs and desires of four children, but I couldn’t ask for better kids to have around.

G is eversograteful anytime we’re able to go outside. His favorites right now are riding in the wagon, chasing cats, checking on his ladybirds and collecting their eggs, swinging (yes please!), riding his bike in the yard and playing with the water gun.

He is obsessed with the cats. He is always just as excited about his fifteenth daily sighting as he is at his first upon his arrival in the morning. He’s becoming so much sweeter and tamer around them, they often gravitate towards him now.

G is never far from Rae. She’s mostly okay with this. Haha.

^ photos of A sitting up were taken by Rae ^

We made pretty regular trips to the library this month. It’s always a little daunting taking four kids anywhere solo, but we tend to go when we’re the only ones there. That helps.

We’ve got plans to see these boys outside of our home tonight at a town movie night and tomorrow at their grandma’s house. I’m so glad they never seem sick of me or react as one does when they see a teacher in public.



Mae went back to dance classes after a break for the summer. Week one was very exciting for her! This year she is taking two classes! Ballet, tap, and jazz as one class and another to help in strengthen technique and flexibility and brush up on terms and whatnot.

That last photo up there is of her watching Leap before her first class! Gettin’er pumped – as if she needed help…

Rae totally loves Leap, too. She was smiling a second before, honest.

Sometimes Rae and I (and so far, Zack) shop for groceries. Sometimes Rae and I sit at the studio and read / watch Netflix on my phone while Zack grocery shops.

We bring Mae supper between classes (very exciting!). She chose Sonic for her first night because that is what the “big girls” eat during their supper breaks. So sweet.

Sometimes we’re hungry before class and eat on the way, so then she’ll get a snack between classes. Junk food. Oh boy. They’re in heaven.

On gymnastics night, we go somewhere and sit and talk for an hour or so. On this particular night, we brought peanut butter sandwiches to eat before class and stopped by Panera for desserts (homemade junk food. Ha.) and tea.

With all of the going back and forth (their lessons are around a half an hour drive one way), there is plenty of downtime. So far we listen to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and various kid’s podcasts in the car and talk about all manner of things. It’s pretty terrific.

Having her sister with her this year has been better for Rae. She’s sticking with it this time around. No ifs or ands. They’re both killin’ it – and hopefully making friends in the process.


Zack rarely gets to go to the river with us anymore. If he does, it is for a ride in the canoe, and we’ve only done that once this year! Very rarely.

The other night, I was really itching to get out of the house before the sun went down. Usually, that’s when I would grab the girls and run for the hills. This time, Zack was home, so we asked him to go.

He had just cleaned the car (it looked better than new!) and wasn’t too keen on them messing it up, so we skipped the whole getting in the water part of it and just snooped for frogs and tossed a couple rocks. Rae caught a frog and eventually set it free. We were pretty sure her sturdy toss killed it, but it eventually swam away.

Not the most magical of evenings, but it beat watching television!



Dear Rae,

It has always bothered me when someone is fanatical about something, or somewhere, or someone – except when it came to you and Star Wars. It began when you were two. Maybe you were even younger.

I never did quite figure out what it was about those films that you enjoyed. I enjoy them, but what can a two-year-old get out of it? You knew the names of every character (with the exception of movies one through three – ’cause ew). You had -have?- a crush on Luke Skywalker but otherwise favored every member of the dark side. You knew the entire Imperial March tune by heart before your third birthday and hummed it frequently and would march around knees high and proud.

Well. Today, Rae, I asked, “Would you like to watch Star Wars?” and you said, “No.”

Just like that.

I’m sure you still adore them, but I can’t help but feel it was a phase and you – a child who does not make changes lightly – are beginning to move on.

Thankfully, your beloved C3PO and Hux figurines (you call them “figure actions”) are still making the rounds from car to couch to bed.

Hold on just a ‘tweensie bit’ longer for me. K?

My phone’s two-year mark has come and gone. With that came the usual side effects – quick draining battery, slower reaction time, etc. What I didn’t expect was my camera to stop focusing. My camera has two water spots on the lens which was well, I dunno…annoying? Not enough to fuel a desire to order a new lens, though.

Well, I finally decided to leave my Nikon permanently dusted off.

Day one yielded such good results (according to me). I caught myself noticing little details like I used to, like the girls’ matching stance as they worked through a poem and I played with the baby on the floor. G looking oh so cool biting his nails, staring off into space, while wearing “boss glasses,” and Rae scrubbing dishes from above as I grabbed cinnamon from the spice cabinet for Mae’s pancakes.

Rae even took an interest and snapped a photo of me changing a diaper…and about twenty photos of the “flamingo parade” from Planet Earth II (not pictured).