Dear Rae,

It has always bothered me when someone is fanatical about something, or somewhere, or someone – except when it came to you and Star Wars. It began when you were two. Maybe you were even younger.

I never did quite figure out what it was about those films that you enjoyed. I enjoy them, but what can a two-year-old get out of it? You knew the names of every character (with the exception of movies one through three – ’cause ew). You had -have?- a crush on Luke Skywalker but otherwise favored every member of the dark side. You knew the entire Imperial March tune by heart before your third birthday and hummed it frequently and would march around knees high and proud.

Well. Today, Rae, I asked, “Would you like to watch Star Wars?” and you said, “No.”

Just like that.

I’m sure you still adore them, but I can’t help but feel it was a phase and you – a child who does not make changes lightly – are beginning to move on.

Thankfully, your beloved C3PO and Hux figurines (you call them “figure actions”) are still making the rounds from car to couch to bed.

Hold on just a ‘tweensie bit’ longer for me. K?

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