This past Saturday, we drove to Chesterfield for the annual St. Louis Scottish Games. The girls called it the ‘Irish Games” all day. We love Ireland. Haha.

It was incredibly cold (Halleluiah!) – a perfect Scottish summer day. Just windy enough to fly the many flags that were hung!

Sheep and kilts, and bagpipes. Mmmm boy.

We arrived in time for the opening ceremony – which was led by an actual Scotsman. It was very formal, with men in uniform who marched across the main field and involved Scottish anthem, American anthem, and a prayer.

^ Mary ^

This wool came from the sheep up there in the pen. Each item has a card with information on the sheep it cam from and the owner actually spent the day on the spinning wheel spinning yarn.

Zack’s desire to learn how to make his own yarn may be the only way I’m ever going to get a sheep of my own. (Sorry, Don, I’m on Reagan’s side of the sheep debate!)

Mary’s owner demonstrated sheep herding. So interesting! The dog was really what we were supposed to watch. She was brilliant. The sheep only stopped eating to run where they were led. As soon as their feet stopped, they began to eat. The girls found that to be hilarious.

Mae bought herself a flute and Rae picked out a bracelet with a pink leather strap and a metal clover.

The girls both signed up for a foot race, but Rae chickened out when she realized her sister was in a different group. Mae, however, ran her heart out!

There was also a great band, booths where you could find your clan’s name. An entire kids area – complete with cardboard cabers. Actual caber tossing and well as other traditional competitions were held all day long. We didn’t stay long for it, but we also enjoyed watching the kids perform their traditional dances. Very different from Irish dancing!

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