This past weekend, I had my monthly book club in St. Peters. I decided to bring the girls along and take them out the following day for a day in the city. Our plans snowballed into a fully packed three day weekend (more on that later) and Zack tagged along – which meant my day with my girls turned into a family day. It was so great to have him around to enjoy a day of (what we consider) fun!

Our first stop was breakfast at the London Tea Room. It was cloudy and freezing and a bit damp from rain the night before. Perfect.

We veered away from our usual Irish Breakfast Tea (basic black tea) with cream and got a large pot of Mango Pear White (I could drink this every day) and a small Maple Walnut Sencha (Liquid Christmas).

The food is fresh, warm, and incredible!

Rae and I got Spinach Ricotta Croissants, Rae got her own Jammie Dodger, while Zack and Mae each enjoyed a Coconut Macaroon, and we all split a scone with jam and butter.

Next time I’m thinking we’ll go for lunch and get some of those hearty pastries.

While Zack and I talked and finished off the teas, the girls walked around the very small, adorable shop. I took that photo from where I sat, and it includes most of the shop.

The best part?? We were able to enjoy one of our favorite spots with our favorite human.

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