The girls and I took my niece to the St. Louis Art Museum not too long ago, but Zack was stuck walking Buckey around Forest Park. Not a bad gig, but he missed the museum. So! On our family day, he got to stroll at his leisure around the exhibits.

There was plenty of parking available close to the museum (rare!), so we were able to enjoy a stroll through this lovely path. Perfect day for it.

Boy, it sure is great having him around!

Mae and I noticed that Zack and Rae walk just alike. Left us wondering if we walk alike as well.

First stop? The ladies room to compare sidewalk loot.

Notice Zack’s hand by Mae’s face? And again up there by Rae? He likes to play with our hair. I couldn’t help but giggle at the number of times I spotted his hands in someone’s hair as I went through the photos I took. But, I took far too many photos (very unlike me, I know), so I’ll leave you with these two.

This ^ exhibit was a series of engraved images. Just behind that wall by Rae, they had a 3D stop-motion movie playing (Sun Xun: Time Spy) which was made using the displayed images (I’m sure it was the intention behind their creation). It was cool to come out from viewing the film and recognize images we saw.

Rae was incredibly enthusiastic about this fork and knife set. She thought it was both awesome and silly that people used utensils like that a long time ago.

These two. Oi. My heart can hardly take it.

Those images also suggest that I had my own little twin-shadow, which makes my heart just as happy.

The girls took many a photo as we walked along. Mae took this one. She guessed its story correctly and really liked it. She has always dreamed of helping a bird in need.

This large incased platter was trimmed with lions and had a crest in the center. When my girls saw it, they shouted, “Gryffindor!” Hopefully, everyone in our vicinity found this as amusing as I did…

One of the three stops we had to make was the Native American exhibit. Zack dubbed these mocassins, “the first Vans.”

These were my favorite. They look like soccer kleets and have a simple design.

Another required stop was the “knights exhibit.” Rae so graciously took our photo as we studied a headstone. Ain’t we cute?

The final spot we couldn’t pass up was the Egyptian exhibit. They had new mummies, carved porcelain urns with organs in them (might sound unappealing, but they were gorgeous), and an interactive program (Mae is staring at it) that let you observe the mummy in the photo above. It was pretty cool.

The incredibly gorgeous boy and his twerps.

We’ve got one more stop on the blog tour of our family day out. We definitely need more full days together. It seemed much easier when the girls were younger. I’m sure many a song has been written about such things…


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