Again with the Ikea? I know. I get it if many you have heard enough Ikea chatter from me, but we like it. So much so, that after a full day of walking we still wanted to fill our afternoon with more walking around that gigantic place.

Really, we went there that day so I could buy myself a comfy chair for my birthday. I sit at our table for the majority of each day so I need a decent chair – but everyone else was just as enthusiastic about the visit! (We may be going back to get Mae one of these chairs. She keeps stealing mine…)

^ ^ Zack moving the warm lamp away from the faux fur. Whataguy. ^ ^

We couldn’t help but pop into a couple displays along the way, but overall, we have gotten pretty good at shortcutting our way through if we want to.

These girls are such troopers, always going along with us for great distances and long days without complaint. It totally looks as though Rae is bored out of her gourd, but she’s mega thrilled to be at her favorite store. Just content and calm. Soaking it all in.

I think Ikea is to them what Sam’s was to me as a kid (and what Costco and Sam’s are to most Americans today) It’s pretty great and I’m sure we’ll be back again soon. Maybe next time I’ll spare you the post about it…

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