I’m a dog-mom again! Meet Miss Maybe.

…only about a year sooner than we planned, but she sure is sweet. She couldn’t stay with her previous family and Lord knows we’ve got the space (and love) to spare for people-less animals.

Zack and I are self-proclaimed cat people. The kind of cat people that will always own a dog and Maybe sure is a great dog to have around.

She seems to be a mix of our past three dogs – Maple, Rosie, and Buckey. While she is a pointer mix and not a hound or healer, she definitely looks like a Maple / Rosie mix. Her personality reminds me most of Buckey. She would’ve made such a great friend to him.

She likes to lie around. Usually, within the room I happen to be in (as Buckey would have done). She really wants to be outside all of the time. She whines to go out most of the day, so we are going to get a fence situation going on soon enough. For now, we will just take her into town for walks and tie her up for some lounging in the sun every now and again.

She is the most talkative dog we have ever had. She makes many different sounds. Whines, low barks, and yelps. She really wants us to know what she is thinking – as opposed to our other, much less talkative, dogs.

Most importantly, Maybe is so great with the kids! At first, she didn’t give any attention to the baby, ‘A’. After a couple of days, she began to lie next to him and follow me around as I held him (and join him for tummy time). G follows her around and lies next to her to chat and pet her paws. Mae likes to give her belly rubs and imitate her various sleeping positions. Rae? Eh. She likes her just as much as the rest of us but acts as though she has lived with us forever (she’s a cat person).

It only took a few hours for her and the cats to get used to each other. Halleluiah.

As for me, I love that she always lays her head on my belly when I sit down and sleeps through the night and is so so sweet and does tricks and doesn’t pull on her leash and lets me use her as a pillow and answers to the name we gave her and…

Thanks for our little lady, Sarah! She will be loved and snuggled and appreciated!