Things have shifted a bit here in the Rogers’ house this month. The glory that is a new school year has lost its luster. The dream of what it could be is still there but so is the knowledge that our year won’t be all that it could be and the new hard-to-swallow understanding that that is okay.

The month started out with teething babies, a newly jealous two-year-old, school, those extra! curriculars!, new responsibilities and travel and – among other things – simply not enough hours in the day. But after a near meltdown, a long talk with Zack, and a sermon that said just what I needed to hear, I can safely say I’m genuinely fine. Crisis averted.

We’ve begun evening and weekend schooling and tossed out any notion of a regularly scheduled school day. Flexibility. One of the many many things I appreciate about homeschooling.

All of that (internal) drama and still so many great moments were created with our favorite baby boys!

As I mentioned, A is teething – and that means I get to hold him all day long! Y’all know I never tire snuggling.

(He’s not usually in the carrier, but when he is, my hands are free to hold the camera.)

G loves music as much as we do and dancing as much as his momma! …and holding the speaker as close to his ear as possible…

Zack has had a lot of teacher work days this year, which usually means we get to see him for lunch – and my leg gets a break from this terrific game G loves to play.

In true Ozark fashion, October brought us temperatures from the mid-90s all the way to a freezing 30 degrees. I was (am) ready for cold weather but didn’t mind a couple final warm days on the porch with A. He’s so great.

G is just the right hight to touch the lens when I tilt my head to take his photo. It is a very hilarious game that, I’m sure, will be played for months to come.

Leaving the popcorn in the pot means he can use it as a steering wheel while he chews. Another new game that is sure to stick around for a while.

Mae and ‘her baby’ sitting on the couch. She lervs him so much.

The boys got some visits from their family!

Our new school routine meant G and I had nearly an hour of uninterrupted time building play dough turtles. hashtagworthit.

It’s rare, but when G decides to hang out with his brother and attempts a conversation. Oh boy. I bet their momma’s heart fills up real quick at the sight of such a moment!

G ran and put his coat back on (with the hood, of course!) so he could match his buddy.

G asked me to join him in watching something on the television and then rested his hand on mine and then I died.

Hand resting is gateway behavior to hand-holding don’t ya know. While simpler, in this case, it was somehow better. He just wanted to be closer to me. Ugh. These boys.

My girls are going to have such great memories of spending their childhood alongside their cousins. All the reminder I’ll need the next time I feel overwhelmed by duties and quiet, quality moments that turn into demanding flurries.

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