We didn’t see the boys as often as we normally do, so when we did we tried to have a bit more fun. We let G cook and bake and help around the house more (hand washing dishes is a new favorite for him). He’s still a champ at putting his dishes in the sink, loading and unloading the washer and dryer, and mopping the floor after I sweep. He does everything with joy and is such a bright and happy kid.

A is hitting milestones right and left (more on a few of those below). He slept a bunch and has begun to really master handholding and identifying objects -people, the dog, toys, and ignoring other things – such as he no longer tries to eat the table.

A baby wearing a snowsuit, blowing raspberries, agh! I love that kid.

G met his newest ladies. He is SO! SO! gentle with them despite the excitement that bursts through when he sees them.

A started sitting up for minutes at a time! He also started eating baby rice with the cutest little spoon you ever did see. He really likes it and really wants to help out with the spoon holding – which is not actually all that helpful.

Here is G at one of the many doctor appointments he was dragged to. I’m kidding, he actually enjoys going anywhere and everywhere.  Here he is playing the pretend you’re sleeping game – and what a lovely game that is…

…and here he is playing Look what I shoved behind the fridge!… I don’t like this game nearly as much as the last one, but he sure is proud.

This is the I’m a dog now and I’m going to follow you around smelling the back of your knee for the next eight minutes game.

Also, not a favorite, but it’s better than the last.

…and here he is looking all pretty waiting for his momma outside of the school after one of those doctor appointments.

Mae, guarding her baby while I am taking a photo of them and making him a bottle.

Typically, the second A gets attention, G bombards us with a series of “Look me!” chants or he jumps in front of the camera to photobomb a photo that was intended to be of A. But every once in a blue moon, he sits down to chat with him for a few seconds (his normal attention limit for all things) and every once in a blue-er moon I have the camera in my hand.

We can all just imagine him telling his little brother all about his favorite things in life and that he is filling his head with compliments about how mature his scoot technique has become. That day will come in a year or two, I’m sure. For now, it’s nice just to imagine such a day.

Classic photobomb pose. ^ Tummy, feet up, and hands under his chin.

We also brought the swings back! (We switch out the swings for each boy – G uses our green Ikea swing)

G loves joining in with the girls when they do their daily stretches. Somethings they wait to work on until he is gone – but yesterday, they worked on their handstands and had him join in (They used the wall so that he knew where he shouldn’t stand. He got kicked a lot less). He learned in one day! It took many tries, but he was able to show his mom a perfect stand when she came to pick him up!

Welp. That’s it! Shortest “boys post” to date! You’re welcome, everyone who isn’t their mother.


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