We only had three weeks with them this month and it is our final month with them here at our house.

It went quick.

We tried to fit in a good amount of activities and barely did any formal schooling knowing that our time with them was fleeting.

G helped the girls bake sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies (which we turned into cookie bars because the dough was too crumbly). He also helped us cook every meal and snack. He’s very helpful in the kitchen. I’m sure he’ll be independently cooking oatmeal and eggs before we know it!

At least at our house, he’s not one for toys, but he thoroughly enjoys big people activities including any type of chore and cooking – basically helping around the house in any way. He seems so much like Rae to me, but that is very much a Mae trait.

Baby A slept and grew (in my eyes) so very much!

Isn’t he just the prettiest little sleeper?

G is very interested in sitting on countertops. He helps cook or just watches me cook and does dishes from up there.

In the photo above, “we” were making popcorn, his favorite. He keeps an eye (or four) out for the first POP and then it’s go-time! He repeats the phrase, “Jade, they pop it?” for the entire one to two minutes required for the full batch to pop. Once it’s officially done, he makes sure to alert everyone that the snack is ready.

Quite the helper.


Butalso, he started covering his eyes when he saw the camera out, even if it wasn’t aimed at him. I’m not sure where that came from but, Sweet Little Man, I document all phases of childhood, including your covered eyes phase.

THIS is the G I know! The attention seeker who keeps his hands safely at his side.

I mean, agh. These boys are just so gorgeous.

Mae is his favorite around here. She holds him, she feeds him, and she rolls around on the floor with him. She doesn’t even yelp when he pulls her hair.

I finally restocked our bird feeders over Thanksgiving break, so in December we all stopped frequently to bird watch. Exciting.

Fella! Got! Around! He is crawling now and there’s really no stopping him. (Truly. He crawls over obstacles.)

With the exception of his toys, we tried to keep stuff off of the floor.  That’s a job in itself, letmetellya. We swept and mopped and swept and mopped and swept and…

Tales will be told for generations of the dog fur struggle of 2k18.

On one of A’s many treks across the house, George decided he looked like a friend. He would lie down next to him, and if he crawled too far away, George would get up and move a little closer. Our dog still adores the baby and now George has caught baby fever. I’ve never seen such a gentle little boy!

aaand, here is G with a pet! He was actually photobombing a photo of Maybe. Ha. He’s quick! …until it’s time to put his coat on…

Rae and G were nearly always at odds. But every once in a while I’d see them reading books (She is his favorite teacher), playing with lightsabers, swapping costumes for dress-up, or hiding behind the chair (their favorite game). He bugs her and loves her like a brother and she is going to miss seeing his face every day.

Snuggling with G is like snuggling with a bag of sand. Somehow my bony ribcage pillow doesn’t bother his sweet cheeks (post-nap snuggles are GOLD). He adores hugs, hand holding, and undivided attention. I wish I could’ve given him that direct attention more often.

I was being stretched four (five if you count Maybe) different ways this semester and no one was getting quality Jade time. But, boy, when I found a minute to give some quality minutes, they jolted my heart right on up to FULL real quick.

We’re going to miss our boys (we will see them regularly for field trips and I’ll make sure to bring G a chicken on random afternoons and steal him away for some fun now and again), but I am looking forward to getting back to the homeschool life (and life in general) I dreamed of for my girls and devoting much more of my time to myself (for multiple reasons).

The girls will also no longer participate in gymnastics or dance.

We need to  s l o w  d o w n.

I can’t imagine how the girls are going to handle life without their cousin-brothers underfoot, but I am guessing it will take us all some time to get used to.