As each new month begins, I think ‘this is flying by and we’ve barely done a thing!’ Then as I fill in these posts of mine throughout the month I realize we’re doing plenty and each month is filled with so much goodness.

I wrote about our final three weeks with our cousins back here.

Mae began December by spending a couple hours getting letters together for all of her penpals – including an e-mail to Grandma! She is getting pretty good at typing and knowing where the keys are.

She also received letters from most of her penpals!

Mae has been my number one helper. (Rae is mega helpful too, Mae is just constantly on the lookout for ways to help us all.)

I mentioned in the post about the boys that we didn’t do much in the way of structured learning this month. Mae did, however, do a report and portrait on George Bush Sr. and the girls began their study of France (via Little Passports) by making a couple sculptures of monuments. More will be made by the time they are done studying the country at the end of January, ’cause Model Magic is fun!


^ We were gone so often. One afternoon as I got ready to leave with the girls, Maybe darted out the door and jumped into the van. She was sick of being home alone.

It took so much effort to get her out of the van and into the house! I felt awful. She would’ve been sad sitting alone in the car for so long though.

I took her out with me the next day to pick up the girls from play practice to make up for this giant jab to her heart.

We love you, Maybe!

She did so great on our trip to Charlotte. I believe she was just so happy to be with us. She slept the entire time in the car and never once complained.

We spent a good amount of our time in Zack’s classroom, helping (trying to help) him with the insane abundance of projects he had to complete before the winter break.

On one of Mae’s dance nights, we went grocery shopping and Rae picked Mae out some flowers. I couldn’t say no. She was so happy to give and Mae was so surprised. I love these girls so much it literally hurts sometimes.

We will be spending the final evening of the year at Six Flags with my sister and her family, freezing our bums off, riding rides, and enjoying fireworks!!

Our plans for the first day of 2019 involve cleaning the house (yay?), preparing plans for school on the second, and hopefully a cold weather hike with the girls!


Earlier this year, Zack and I made plans to visit a childhood friend of mine and it worked out that we would be able to stay with Zack’s sister, Sarah, for the week.

Sarah is the most giving / selfless person we know. She gives one thousand percent and never expects anything in return (but she deserves way more than she gives!!). She made this trip so wonderful and far more than we expected – and we expected a lot, ’cause we know how she is! Christmas was beyond and then the generosity just kept on a’comin.

Zack caught up on sleep and did a lot of projects and enjoyed all of the fun times with us. I suppose, most importantly, was that he got to spend seven straight days with his favorite sister. That’s the only photo I got of him, so it’ll have to do…

The girls got to spend time with their cousin, Micah, for the first time ever. He went with us to Florida, but they were glued to their girl cousins.

Aunt Sarah had a 5-minute-story Christmas book set on the coffee table awaiting our arrival. The girls got a story each night before bed! She really understands the whole Christmas magic thing.

The days leading up to Christmas morning, the girls each got to open one gift. They got to spend their time playing with fresh items and, since they didn’t pack many time-passers, it really worked out well.

You can read more about our Christmas celebrating over here.

The girls also got to open a new game each day! So, we got to learn and play a fresh game E V E R Y D A Y! – and in the process, she stocked our game cabinet! (I am very excited about this!!)

We saw Mary Poppins on Christmas Eve and Spiderman on our final day.

They were both incredible!!!


Winchester was as chill as everrr and Zoey was more chill than I expected and! actually liked me this time around. She is normally mega jealous when I get near Zack, a.k.a. the love of her life.

Maybe got to hang out with some new faces and while I enjoyed spending time with two sweet pups. I found out the Maybe isn’t all that interested in being around fellow dogs. She did, however, get excited about hearing a cat on the television!

But she did great considering she was forced to share a house with two new dogs and seven people for an entire week.

After watching Spiderman, we went out for lunch (but all ordered breakfast) at a great diner and then the girls got to bounce around at a trampoline park! They played hard! And how ’bout that handhold up there?!? I can’t get enough of their constant hand holding.

Now, a little praise for these girls of ours…

They travel so well. We spent a total of 27 hours in the car, to and from North Carolina, and they didn’t utter a single complaint.

I really hope they keep that up forever.

On our treck home, they spent the final six hours awake and I didn’t hear them say one word. They played and read quietly. They made this trip so wonderful. Without their constant patience and kindness, I do not think all of the other grand, exciting happenings would have held the same glow within their memories.

Because of them, Zack and I came home not feeling drained from a twelve-hour car ride but instead felt well enough to get the furnace started, take the girls out for lunch and make our way through Walmart of all places so that we could have food in the house.

All of the cats seemed to have missed us. Bailey is snuggling with Maybe, and George is snuggling up next to me. The. Best.