Zack is off for his second “ice day” this week! It’s so great having him around!

In honor of such an oddly scheduled week, I thought I’d take the opportunity to dump a load of photos off into a weather-related post.

We had a warm day followed directly by a very cold day. Not so unusual for where we live, but I took photos, so into a post the statement goes…

During the snow/ice storm, we irresponsibly took the girls thirty miles away to watch Lego Movie 2, The Second Part. There were a couple other (literally, two) crazies who also took their kids to the theater that night.

The snow day also allowed for plenty of time to build and build with Legos (which they’re continuing as I type this, days later).

…and they played in the snow.

They came back with the sweetest rosy cheeks and noses.

(we also still had school on these days.)

Katie has dubbed herself an outside cat. We’ve tried bribing and force (on the below freezing nights) and always kennel Maybe before inviting her in. Nothing works.

As a result, she is always underfoot when we walk outside and we often find her sitting just outside the door looking in. I hope it gets warm soon so we can spend plenty of time with her! (But, the snow is lovely.)

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