As I wrote the monthly school post, I noticed it was way too long – twice as long as my normal posts! Can you imagine?!

SO. I am going to break it up this month into two posts – for myself, and anyone else who cares to keep up with this sort of thing.

This one is solely about geography, and for geography, we began learning about Egypt through our Little Passports subscription! It has always been one of Penelope’s favorite places.

Below are some lessons we tied into our study.

A poem from Eric Carle’s Animals Animals.

“Penelope’s Room in hieroglyphics. She plans on hanging this in her completed new room – when that day comes.

Model Magic made an appearance. Mae created a Great Sphinx of Giza replica (*with nose*).

It turned into a good color mixing lesson as well. We color the white with Crayola washable markers – Zack’s instructions – and blend it in by squishing and kneading, adding more color to make it darker if needed. She used brown, which has a lot of red in it, so she knew to add green to balance it out and make it more tan than pink. She also used a bit of yellow.

Little Passports also sent an excavation kit (shaped like a pyramid) that housed a mummy toy and a tiny bust of a pharaoh.

With LP, came a recipe for Aish Baladi – tiny whole wheat bread loaves – which they compared to pita bread. We learned Aish means life in Egyptian Arabic. They forgot to flatten them before they let them rise – well, I suppose another version is I forgot to remind them…but they baked perfectly.

Our Story of the World history lessons just so happened to line up with our LP kit this month, and we relearned in greater detail about pharaohs, mummies, pyramids, and Joseph.

Next month, we’ll learn about Australia through Little Passports and Ireland, on our own, for St. Pat’s Day.

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