Spring weather waited until the official equinox date this year and when it finally began to appear we took every opportunity to enjoy the sun the season was supplying. It is still incredibly windy (typical of here) so I didn’t enjoy it as much as the girls – but – for their sake, I kept most of the whining to myself. Below are a few moments we took our school work outside and some detours we took from book work to accomplish some play….work.

We got to witness a caterpillar making its cocoon – while climbing the wall!! Definitely the highlight of our month.

The girls went shamrock hunting so they could pin some to their jackets for Saint Pat’s Day.

One of my favorite days was one in which we drove to the lake. We sat in the car and polished off some simple workbooks and read our read aloud assignments while sitting comfortably in the car’s greenhouse-like warmth. We finished off the afternoon with two hours of exploring, collecting, watching, and tossing rocks and sticks into the lake.

I am so ready for warmth, even if it only means more rain!

A post on our structured lessons will be up tomorrow.

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