Mmmmm, April. It has been so good to us so far! Here are a few (cough, cough) photos from the first week.

The girls and I decided to go explore along the bike trail in town one afternoon before the public school let out. The low bridge was flooded on this end of the trail, so we decided to hang about in the front field. A place we usually skip right over. It turned out to be a very well spent hour!

Rae played with her dolls (I can’t believe those curls are still pristine!) and joined me in running Maybe around in aimless circles.

While Mae sewed a little bear doll by hand.

^ Photo by Rae (She’s lookin’ proudly at her momma)

The girls devised their own stake to tie Maybe in place once we were done running,  and she didn’t fight it.

Zack thought that sounded like fun, so the next day we brought him – and waterproof shoes, in case the bridge was still flooded.

The girls brought sketchbooks to illustrate their findings and a bag to lug rocks in.

Boy, do we love when that man isn’t busy and can tag along!

“The tallest trees in the world.”

So far we have spent all but one day in April outside! We saved our spring break for a warm week – and that post is up next!


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