^ Baseball in Grandma’s front yard before church. ^

As we packed Saturday morning, Maybe sat in the car for hours making sure we didn’t leave without her.┬áPrecious girl.

Easter morning, before church, the girls and I played ‘baseball’ and drew pictures with chalk. (Rae is drawing Maybe with a bow)

Zack, the girls, and I went early to breakfast at church. Shari was teaching the children that day, so the girls got to have Grandma as a teacher!

After the service, everyone met back at Shari’s for an incredible lunch.

Zack and I took the girls (Maybe included) on a walk after lunch.

We spent the rest of the afternoon sitting under the tree taking with Shari and Aunt Chloe. Mae climbed the tree and the girls took turns hiding empty eggs for each other.

We also fit in a few rounds of Dutch Blitz before Chloe headed home.

By the time we left for the journey home, we were all exhausted! Certainly, a day well spent!