We spent the long weekend up with Zack’s family. The girls had just learned how to ride bikes and wanted to try riding on a smooth surface – ha. They did an incredible job! Mae never wanted to get off the bike and Rae, well, she enjoyed it but preferred playing Barbies with her cousin, Lauren, inside.

Mae and I fit in a few Mom-daughter rides around the neighborhood and even rode up to a Walgreens with her and Sadie. We stopped by that pond up there every time and watched/chased ducks and the girls skipped rocks.

Zack, Logan and I went out together to watch a movie one of the nights. He’s so great. He reminds me so much of Zack! We all know you can’t have too many Zacks.

The two of them were able to spend a lot of time with one another, driving around (Logan gets his permit soon!), playing video games, and whatever else they do.

We all made it our to Uncle Rich’s famous get together!

Despite feeling like a zombie at this point in the trip, I was such a fun time. Zack and I spent most of the afternoon hanging out with the kids. We took them to two of the playgrounds behind their house, as well as on a long walk, and to toss many a frisbee on the baseball field.

I got so much quality time with Sadie bug which was such a treat! I even got to hold Morty several times. He’s such a stud.

We also played Marbles in the driveway, made Frosted lemonades, took Maybe out for walks, discovered a bunny’s den, got to see baby raccoons, saw old friends at church, and managed to make a mini-date out of purchasing some floor for the girls’ new rooms (yay!).

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