June left us all feeling very content. The final month of spring remained, for the most part, cool and rainy. We skipped any formal schooling and just went where our days happened to take us. July has been far busier, so reviewing our June has been so refreshing.

Let’s see how you feel about it…

We had our somewhat-monthly family game night. We need to have another real soon!

Zack and I celebrated our twelfth wedding anniversary with the girls swimming at the Shut-Ins and camping.

We actually got to see Zack for a few days here and there, between teaching summer school, side jobs, traveling to Saint Louis many weekends, and having company over, we really had to take advantage whenever he was home. Usually, that just called for a movie night, or a quick meal out, visiting a quiet part of the river and enjoy the solitude…together, or the ever boring grocery shopping.

OH! We also took the girls to our first Drive-In movie. They’re finally old enough to be fully alert that late at night. We got to see Toy Story 4 and the newest X-Men film. It was a perfect night for it. It was such a lovely family date night.

Pity smile.

We had our niece and nephew over for a weekend. For the girls, it involved plenty of chicken chasing and they made about one hundred bath bombs.

June held onto the chilly weather and brought blackberries!

The girls spent hours upon hours building with Legos. Rae’s favorite project was a large scale Ninjago dragon.

Dolls and Barbies held most of their attention. I love watching them play so well together for hours upon hours.

We had a pizza picnic one afternoon at the park. They gave us pepperoni instead of cheese. Mae doesn’t eat meat…whomp whomp. But it was fun and we had fun conversations before they ran off and played.

We only made it to the pool once. I’m hoping we make it back a few more times before July ends.

We’re finding carrots in the most random places this year.

The last week of June brought the sun. We spent a little time outside. My favorite times were when it was not quite too hot and we could enjoy breakfast outside. We’d also read a book aloud – we began with Peter Pan and moved on to Little House in the Big Woods.

Miss Maybe donned a cone most of the month for sores on her leg and tail. She hated it. BUT! To cheer herself up, she dug herself a nice big pit under the porch and would often lay there for hours at a time. For the first time, she didn’t need us to accompany her outside!

Mae made a vegetarian wonton soup completely independently.

Of course, I watched her, but she didn’t need my help at all. Our 2019-2020 school year will involve many cooking lessons and I think both girls are ready for some harder recipes. It’s going to be a fun year!

Mae received a lovely letter from her overseas pen pal. She was SO SO happy!!

Her friend also sent along a treat – a fossil from Northern France.

I hope they can meet someday when they’re older.

Rae always goes through phases with favorite books. Right now, her favorites include an animal encyclopedia, Today by Julie Morstad, and the Pigeon/Elephant and Piggie books.

These photos were taken when we were taking our niece and nephew home. I sat in the back with Rae. We looked at books, but I spent most of the time resting my head in her lap while she stroked my hair in the hopes I would feel less car sick. She is such a sweetie!

The girls also developed a new love for Sumo wrestling, filled my phone with selfies, decided that they should be horseless cowless cowgirls, and gifted me even more gorgeous portraits of myself.

I hope your June was just as lovely – or better yet, even more lovely!


My mother-in-law and I took the girls to the Saint Louis Magic House, which has nothing to do with “magic” apart from ‘the magic of a child’s imagination’.

It was incredible!

The science room was our favorite. I definitely took note of many things for our own schoolroom!

Some other favorites were the art room, which had easels set up for still life drawing and others for painting, several craft sections, as well as a large shelf full of jars containing just about anything I child could use to create (and they were color coded). It was a dream of a room.

…and the “future room”: The coolest part was a station that allowed the girls to decorate a home, plane, truck, or bus, and then scan it and then it would be dropped into this scene shown above! Rae chose a house (which the UFO is dropping into the scene) and Mae chose a bus, which drove around. The other screen showed what the airplanes could see as they flew around. SO CREATIVE!

Mae is 145 Lego blocks tall! Rae is 135 blocks tall, and I am 180 blocks tall.

I’m sure that information will come in handy someday.

They have a three-story Jack and the Beanstalk climbing tower. Mae went, but it was too cramped for Rae, who takes after her momma when it comes to tight spaces.

Next time we go, we will spend most, if not all, of our time at the brilliant village they’ve created. There is the most detailed play-market complete with veterinary clinic, pediatric office, library, pizza parlor, construction site, fishing pond, tree house, bank, ice cream cart, electric company, and mailboxes full of letters so you can be a postman!

Upstairs, they had an entire Chinese village set up! Complete with restaurant, house, panda conservation center, calligraphy station, and probably more, but at this point, I was tired – ha.

But, the best best part? Well, that’s up next…

Mae’s wish.

I’ve had blood issues for over a decade now. Mae wished (and prays often) that I could have more / better blood so that I can feel better.

I can’t imagine a better heart for my child. She is such an incredible human.

Outside there were more play areas and a large gazebo where we ate a picnic lunch somewhere between all of that fun.

All that in three hours! Next time we’ll try and pace ourselves, haha.

Thanks for the suggestion, Jenny!!