Zack’s summer could be wrapped up with one word – WORK. But he did have five days off at the beginning of July, which we spent in Alabama. He got back from North Carolina with two days to spare before he starts back for the fall semester. Woof.

The girls and I tried to stay busy while he is away. The day he left for Charlotte, we left home to stay with his momma. We spent ten days in the city, filling our time with The Magic House, Costco, the Science Center, The Muny, the pool, shopping, the Loop,  playgrounds, and long walks and movie nights.

When we got back home, we spent the next three weeks, keeping up with the lawn and pets and housework. We did some more swimming, played games and completed a puzzle, read many books and watched many movies. We visited friends on the weekends (some back in the city) and tried to relax and enjoy our home. We stayed up until midnight most nights and enjoyed breakfast on the porch most mornings.

It has been such a nice time having my girls all to myself, but we missed Zack too much! He just got home! He is definitely taking the semester off from side jobs with the hope that we get some quality time with him this year!

2 Replies to “JULY 2019 SUMMED UP”

  1. oh work, how boring… you know, there are some cities (in the netherlands, mainly) where people own a salary just because they ARE people. then, they decide whether to work or not. and people do work! BUT less hours, which make sense… it should be like this everywhere.
    enjoy august with the whole family 🙂 (we sent you a letter from spain!) xx

    1. It should be like that everywhere! We got your letter! She was so thrilled to get a postcard!
      We sent one back, but I forgot to put mine inside, so you should be getting two 🙂

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