Our newest cat has had more names than any other animal in the history of animals. S’more. Marshmallow. Toasted Marshmallow. Cinnamon. Pumpkin. Punkin. Weasley. Wonwon (Ron-Ron).

So, we chose a name, Elwood P. (to stick with our Jimmy Stewart theme) and it must stay. Soley for my sanity.

I wasn’t sure about keeping this cat around because it may cause my dearest George or our other cats to no longer be around. So far they still call our house their home. Elwood is not allowed in the house (he isn’t fixed), and maybe that helps. He is so so so lovey. He produces nonstop purrs and leg rubs and will let you pet and hold him forever.

He stays right beside us when we are outside so our other cats have stopped doing so. Big bummer as we love our cats hanging around us wherever we go. Just knowing a cat thinks you’re worthy of their attention is an incredible feeling.
*It’s how Maybe (our dog) seems to feel when I give her undivided attention.

Thankfully Bailey and Katie still hang about indoors all day every day.

Cats are so great. Even with all of the new drama being drawn up because of Elwood, it’s nice having another cat to hang out with. Miss Maybe even seems to think so – but she enjoys the cat drama a bit too much. Haha.

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